Class Competition: Keeping it Novel


Have you seen La Maestra Loca in action? If you haven’t been on Annabelle’s site get over there quick! Annabelle has this awesome points system that will keep you and your students focused and energized. Read more here.

To maintain interest in the point system Annabelle has many variations including:

class vs teacher

class vs class

girls vs boys

So every quarter or whatever time period you like, the system changes. This year I’ve made skeletons for one (or more depending on feedback from my students) quarter. I found this packet on for Day of the Dead and have copied the skeleton template onto very bright card stock in six different colors. I also recruited some students to cut them out. Twice. That’s right. I LAMINATED them for multiple uses! Behold the glorious bones!


I haven’t quite worked out all the details but what I’m thinking is this… Each class will start with the skull of the skeleton. If the class beats me that week they can choose the next body part and the class that completes the entire skeleton first gets a reward. And knowing my Middles I’m betting they’ll choose other classes’ skeleton parts to spite them! Having a (large-I’m going big!) designated area for the competition will hopefully get lots of buy-in from my kiddos and act as a reminder for me to reward positive behaviors or give myself points when the class falls short. I could also assign numerical values to the bones and let student buy pieces using their points. This could get really fun if I allow my students to pose the skeletons!

I can’t wait to revisit this post with pictures and a reflection. See you at the next Puente.


The competition is well underway and my kiddos are loving it! Look at all the pieces they’ve won! Each Monday my students emmediately ask, “Can we get our bone?” We check the tally marks (they’re totally kicking my hiney) and then if they’ve beaten me I draw a popsicle stick. That student gets to select the next bone AND put it up. Check out 7th period’s! I took the picture before 8th period selected theirs. 





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