FVR Expansion for FREE!

Who doesn’t just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a Freebie?! I’ve compiled a list of stories from our favorite mentors, sellers, and colleagues in the Spanish speaking world of teaching. You can use these to jump start or expand your classroom library.

Mostly freebies, a few flash freebies and some bought stories. Follow your favorite sellers for promotions! I scored the Isabela books from Karen Rowan for FREE.

On a side note, while we might really, really love FREE, let’s not forget to support our awesome and generous colleagues by purchasing some of their products! Each seller is linked back to their TPT store so be sure to follow their stores and see what resources you need to finish out the year.

My classroom library is mostly made up of novels and now boasts 88 titles but I’m always on the hunt for new material. There is a combination of free stories, bought stories, and the news articles from my subscription to El Mundo en Tus Manos.

I went the economical route and printed these stories in black and white. To print a PowerPoint slideshow in booklet form first delete any slides you don’t want in your story. Then go to your printer properties and select the Finishing tab. Click the 2 sided printing Booklet form. When the booklet is finished printing just fold in half and staple through the middle. It helps if you have access to one of these long staplers.

PDF files are a little trickier if there are pages you want to exclude from your booklet. The key here is to put the RANGE(S) of the pages you want. For example, in Pintalabios I didn’t need the practice sentences and questions or the game for the booklet so I just printed the ranges 13-31, selected Booklet and print. Note: PDF files printed in Booklet form print vertically (like mini novels) and the PowerPoint booklets print horizontally so you flip the pages up instead of turning them. To work around this you could take any slideshow and save it as a PDF then print using the booklet form.

How to Print_Booklet_PPHow to Print_Booklet_PP_2How to Print_Booklet_PDF

This works for the 1-3 page readings as well. Just skip the lesson parts when selecting your ranges but be sure to keep the first page so your book has a cover.

Now you can make as many copies as you need to replace lost or yucky copies and give away to your students. My heritage speakers love to take these home to read to their younger siblings.

From Martina Bex: The Comprehensible Classroom

Maybe you’ve heard Martina described as a goddess or the Fairy Godmother of CI? These fantastic freebies will help you understand why (you know, in case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know the magical wonders of Martina).

I also like to print stories from the SOMOS curriculum after my students study a unit.

La Criatura

¡Ratones en Casa!

Pepinillos, el muchacho simpático

Christ y Jennifer

El Niño Sastre

El Popocalipsis

La Correcaca

Basic Reading: quiere, tiene, le dice

Los Fidget Spinners

Pintalabios Para el Portero

Justin Beiber visitó Tulum

El Secreto de Ramón

La Leyenda by Robert Harrell via Martina Bex

El Travieso Hermano Menor by Jalen Waltman via Martina Bex

From Kristy Placido: Placido Language Resources

Kristy is a fantastic author and has kindly offered these freebies for Novice and Intermediate learners.

Cashnip Kitty

Pokemon Go

La Noche Boca Arriba

Chac Mool

From Carrie Toth: Somewhere to Share

Another fantastic author! Check out these free readers!

Eclipse Solar

Si tú la ves

From Mundo de Pepita

This seller has the most adorable resources for Littles. You can purchase and print unlimited  MiniBooks for your library or your students.

Olivia y los Pájaros

Biblioburro Coloring Book

From Storyteller’s Corner

This little gem of a shop has some beautiful stories for your Littles. I like to print out the stories for my Middles who are just dipping their toes into FVR. My reluctant readers find these little stories less intimidating than the regular novels in our library. Don’t forget to check out the $1 Bin for some other fantastic titles and be on the lookout for their Flash Freebies!

Rosa Parks

Tengo Frio

Isabel va a la escuela

Jesús va a Jerusalém

Los Tiburones

Bryce Hedstrom

Looking for non-fiction reading material? Bryce has you covered! You can buy his beautiful book Conexiones here.  I print and keep these stories (minus the teacher instructions) in folders in my library.

Quieres Comer el Cuy?

Los Países Megadiversos

El Jaguar

Español o Castellano

Como Mirar un Eclipse del Sol

Legends and Stories

La Corza Blanca

La Chica Quiere Café

La Chica Fantástica

El Chico Pequeño

The Girl and the Cat

El Trabajo en el Zoológico

El Secreto de Hablar Con Las Chicas

El Amigo Especial

Comprendes Mendez SpanishShop

Ballenas Mitos y Leyendas

Maris Hawkinshas generously offered her Noticias to the collection!

Spanish Plans also shared this resource:  We have a youtube playlist on how to compile other free readers for your classroom: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhVwmCanozzlhXktBa7tKbKY2Sl9s7wC0

I hope you enjoy expanding your classroom library with these freebies! See you at the next Puente.


  1. This is great! I am anxious to get started! Question: Since I teach both French and Spanish, can you suggest some links to free stuff in French as well? Thank you!

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