Running Dictation Variations

Have you played RD with your kiddos?  Not sure what it is? Read about it here from Martina Bex.

My Middles love it! Especially the competitive students and here are a few reasons why I love it:

  1. My students are up and moving.
  2. They have to work as a team.
  3. It brings out the very best in my kids. Everyone gets a chance to shine: the artists, the athletes, the high flyers, the kids who are tired of sitting still.
  4. Everyone is having fun (except maybe the other grown ups in the building…)
  5. They are revisiting the language in an engaging and novel way.

The key is to find a safe open space where you can make some noise because let’s face it, how fun is a silent relay race? We’ve done the traditional race, this extension and the Story Towers extension.

When I introduce this game to my 7th graders it’s just the BEST THING EVER. They beg to play it all the time. When I use it again in their 8th-grade year sometimes I get mixed reactions. It’s still super fun, engaging, and beneficial BUT there’s always that one kid/group/class. You know what I’m talking about.

My 8th graders only played it once last semester and I was a tiny bit bummed about how it went with one of my classes. I mean, I can’t make them be enthusiastic. I can’t make them smile, cheer and have fun. That’s up to them. Nonetheless, I’m bringing it back and this time with a twist!

It’s really hard to improve on a fun activity like this, especially when Martina has already given us those great extensions. Here are my ideas for keeping it novel:

  1. Skipping (this may get me some eye rolls).
  2. Walking like a duck.
  3. Crab Crawl.
  4. 2 person balloon race.

Since this is a particularly challenging group to impress I think I’m going to go straight to number 4.

Check out this video I found on YouTube and imagine your students trying this variation:

See you at the next Puente

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