Hi, I’m Viviana Tracy and I teach Spanish for the Middles. I started in 2011 as a temp and after a regime change, a move to a new campus, the implementation of the Common Core and COMPASS-Louisiana’s teacher evaluation system, I’m still teaching.
As a department of ONE, autonomy is the silver lining in my little cloud of loneliness. My solace is #langchat. My professional growth has tripled through this PLN. Before #langchat I thought I knew (and used, haha!) CI. I thought I was rocking it as a teacher. I know better now and can honestly say that as an educator, I’m far more humble and as a result, more effective.

My journey as an educator is in its infancy but I’m learning and growing every day. I’m bridging my beliefs and practices to align with methods that support Comprehensible Input and hope to share my triumphs and failures with other educators.


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